California School Reopening Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Verification and Repair Program


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Building Reopening Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Verification and Repair Program

The UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) has put together an educational and informational website providing information and resources for improving air quality in California schools.

CAL SMACNA is proud to share with you an exclusive video produced by the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center and sponsored by NEMI illustrating the importance of proper ventilation in schools.  This video was produced as a resource that can be used by CAL SMACNA members and others in our HVAC allied trades community to help increase public awareness and understanding of ventilation in modern buildings. 

HVAC systems provide necessary mechanical ventilation to classrooms. Students and teachers occupying energy efficient school buildings with sealed building envelopes rely upon properly operating ventilation systems for fresh air.  Ventilation helps remove the build-up of indoor air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde, which can off-gas from building materials, finishes, and furniture. There is also increasing evidence that CO2 exhaled by building occupants is an indoor pollutant that can affect cognitive performance. This is particularly important in classrooms, where lots of people gather in a small space built and designed for energy efficiency.

After thorough research by Lawrence Berkeley Labs and UC Davis, the WCEC recommend the following actions to improve ventilation rates in classrooms:

  • Complete commissioning and acceptance testing of new HVAC systems as required by Title 24.
  • Run HVAC fans when classrooms are occupied to bring in fresh air.
  • Replace filters 2-3 times per school year.
  • Monitor classroom CO2 concentrations. Thermostats with CO2 sensors and stand-alone sensors are widely available.
  • Test ventilation rates in existing HVAC systems and make corrections when needed.

The WCEC website also includes information on the white paper on Proposed Ventilation and Energy Efficiency Verification/Repair Program for School Reopening. The white paper presents a proposal that would prepare schools for reopening during the COVID-19 crisis.

To view more information, news coverage regarding this issue, and additional resources visit their website HERE.

If you are interested in receiving more information on classroom IAQ or otherwise helping our efforts to improve schools please send your contact information to Emily Mills at


Qualified Contractor Referral List — School Ventilation Verification and Energy Optimization Program

The following contractors have successfully completed the CAL SMACNA training webinar on the School Ventilation Verification and Energy Optimization program and are fully qualified to respond to any and all requests for ventilation assessment and/or repair services from schools and public agencies:  


Peterson Mechanical

Scott Peterson, Service Director

Sonoma, CA

Bel Air Mechanical, Inc.

Bruce Campbell, President

Concord, CA

Penn Air Control, Inc.

Nathan Culley, General Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Direct Air Conditioning, Inc.

Norm Lussier, CEO

Fullerton, CA
714-224-4450 x 104

Air Systems Service & Construction

Logan Brimer, Chief Engineer

Concord, CA

National Air Balance Co.

Jeff Wooning, Director of Sales

Fremont, CA

RS Analysis Inc.

Tavis Marti/Mario R. Turpin

El Dorado Hills, CA

United Mechanical, Inc.

Vahid Amani, Service Sales Manager

San Jose, Alameda, Rohnert Park, CA

Alpha Air Balancing Agency, Inc.

Romulo A. Gonzalez, President

Carmel, CA

A.O. Reed & Co.

Aubrey Taft, Vice President Business Development

San Diego, CA

ACH Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

Hector Vargas, President

Redlands, CA

Superior Test and Balance

Jimmy Conboy, Vice President

Glendora, CA

Reed Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Tom Reed, President

Ventura, CA


Cindy McClanahan, Administrator

Lake Forest, CA

ACCO Engineered Systems

Ivan Hooper, Project Manager

Sacramento, CA

Allied Heating & Air Conditioning

Mike Loftin, Service Manager

San Rafael, CA

Cold Craft, Inc.

Dan Parent, Engineer

Campbell, CA

ABM Building Solutions

Richard Cooke, Vice President

Sacramento, CA

Precision Air Balance Co. Inc.

Karen S. Fox, President

Anaheim, CA

NOTE:  CAL SMACNA contractors who are interested in being included on this referral list please contact Emily Mills at to learn how to attend our next program training webinar.