CAL SMACNA’s 2024 Day at the Capitol
February 5-6, 2024
Sacramento, CA


On February 5th CAL SMACNA kicked-off its 2024 ‘Day at the Capitol’ (DAC). CAL SMACNA members traveled to Sacramento with their families, to meet with their Legislative Members and discuss issues important to our industry. On Monday evening CAL SMACNA Members attended a Reception with Legislators; as well as a panel with journalists Dan Walters (CalMatters) and Emily Hoeven (San Francisco Chronicle) entitled:
“California – Challenges in Keeping the Golden Goose Healthy”.

On Tuesday morning attendees gathered to learn about the DAC Issues. CAL SMACNA members met with the offices of 19 Senators and 23 Assemblymembers.

A summary of the discussed issues:

K-12 School Facility Bond – AB 247 (Muratsuchi), and School Ventilation

California needs to build new schools and modernize existing facilities to meet the educational needs of our state’s students in K-12, as well as, meet our safety, health and climate change goals. AB 247 (Muratsuchi) will authorize a K-12 school facility bond for voter consideration in 2024 to accomplish these public interest goals. These resources are essential to ensure community access to energy-efficient and decarbonized school facilities that place the highest priority on safe, healthy and supportive learning environments for our children. CAL SMACNA members urged the support of AB 247 (Muratsuchi).

Reforming California’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)

Enacted in 2004, California’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) was intended to be a more effective way to help workers resolve labor disputes. Two decades later, PAGA’s lawsuit-first approach has failed – it’s ineffective and inefficient for workers and unfair and burdensome for thousands of small businesses. So far, the settlements in just the construction industry alone have exceeded $400 million dollars reducing competition and increasing construction costs for all Californians.

California has an existing, capable administrative process and agency – the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) – that has a proven record of resolving claims faster with money going directly into workers’ pockets.

CAL SMACNA members urged their Legislative members to work to fix PAGA to create a better, fairer system for workers.

Pledge to Pause Campaign for California Employers

CAL SMACNA members urged their Legislative representatives to please hit the pause button on any new employer mandates. California employers are the working men and women who risk their own capital and carry debt to provide jobs and contribute to our economy. The sheer number of employer mandates coming from Sacramento including new labor code requirements affecting mandatory paid and unpaid leave, employer reporting, complex record keeping and increased threat of litigation, fines and civil penalties for any potential incident of non-compliance are having a cumulative impact on employers.

CLICK HERE to view photos from the event. Thank you to the CAL SMACNA Legislative Committee and to every attendee for taking the time to meet with Legislative members, and for making this one of the best DAC events to date!