Edward G. Banks’ Memorial Contractor of the Year Award

Created in 1996, in memory of Ed Banks, owner of Meadows Mechanical in Gardena, Ed Banks exemplified the best characteristics of association membership. He was the consummate SMACNA member at every level, local, state and national. When the situation called for leadership, he was a leader. When the situation called for collective action, he was a team player.

Ed truly believed in the value of association membership and the benefits to be derived from it. He never said no when his participation was needed. His example stands as a model for present and future members and it is with this in mind that the Ed Banks Memorial Award was established by CAL SMACNA.

The Ed Banks Memorial Award will be presented each year to the CAL SMACNA member who, in the opinion of the committee, best epitomizes the characteristics of Ed Banks who was, above all, a truly gentle man.


Ed Banks Memorial Award for Contractor of the Year 2020 – Kevin Michel, Xcel Mechanical Systems

*Announcement postponed to 2022 Convention due to COVID-19


For almost 20 years Kevin has been dedicated and involved with SMACNA-Los Angeles, SMACNA Southern California, and CAL SMACNA’s Board of Directors. He has served on these associations’ Executive Committees, Board of Directors, and chaired multiple committees. Specifically, he has served on the CAL SMACNA Convention Committee for years and continues to help make the annual event better each year. In 2009 Kevin became President of SMACNA Los Angeles, and in 2016 began his term as President for CAL SMACNA.

Kevin is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and has worked in the commercial and industrial HVAC, Plumbing, and Piping industry for more than 32 years. In 1990, Kevin moved west to Los Angeles and started working in the Engineering Department at Meadows Mechanical. There he worked for Ed Banks, CAL SMACNA’s second President, who served CAL SMACNA for many years and in whose memory CAL SMACNA created this very award for exemplary service to the association.

In 1998, he co-founded Xcel Mechanical Systems and has lead that company through more than two decades of growth; from a small union specialty contracting firm into one of the largest mechanical contractors operating in California and one of the safest in the United States, as recognized in 2018 by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). He has accomplished this success while continuously giving back to this industry with his service.



Ed Banks Memorial Award for Contractor of the Year 2022 – Duane Davies, National Air Balance Company


Beginning in High School, Duane became interested in the HVAC industry as a possible career path for himself. After receiving a two-year Associates of Science Degree Program in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, he accepted a position in the industry and committed to staying for a period of six months with the intent of saving enough money so he could continue his college education. He has now been with that company for 45 years.

 Duane has spent his career improving the professionalism and perceived value of the TAB industry to the contractor and building owner communities. He has volunteered thousands of hours to work extensively with the California Energy Commission, CAL SMACNA, SMART, NEMI and ITI to improve upon and promote California’s Title 24 building code standards including acceptance testing and certification of mechanical systems. He has worked with CAL SMACNA, National Energy Management Institute Committee (NEMIC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to ensure the Acceptance Test Technician Certification Program (ATTCP), Acceptance Test Employer (ATE) and Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) roles and responsibilities are properly defined. 

Duane is also heavily involved with CAL SMACNA and Bay Area SMACNA. He currently serves on CAL SMACNA’s Board of Directors, Legislative, Regulatory, Insurance, Investment, and Nominating Committee. He also currently serve on Bay Area SMACNA’s Executive Committee and Board; as well as Bay Area SMACNA’s Negotiating Committee and TABB Committee. He is a Management Trustee for the Local 104 NorCal Pension, Local 104 NorCal Health and Welfare, and Local 104 NorCal Supplemental Pension. Duane devotes countless hours of his own time in service to our industry.

Past recipients of this award include:
2019 Mitch Hoppe, Melrose Metal Products
2018 Angie Simon, Western Allied Mechanical Inc. 
2017 Joe Isom, California Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
2016 David Lawson, Lawson Mechanical Contractors
2015 Randy Attaway, AGC, Inc.
2014 Lonnie Petty, Strategic Mechanical Contractors
2013 Mike Pence, Control Air North, Inc.
2012 Kent Cooper, Los Angeles Air Conditioning, Inc.
2011 Rick Von Gottberg, Lemon Grove Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
2010 Lonnie Michael, III, Ray L. Hellwig Mechanical Co., Inc.
2009 Bob Vlick, ACCO Engineered Systems
2008 Jim Boone, New England Sheet Metal Works
2007 Bob Tuck, Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning, Co.
2006 Tani Poe, Western Allied Corp.
2005 Gary Moore, Air-Ex Air Conditioning
2004 Matthew Smith, Smith Heating & Air Conditioning
2003 James Asbury, Bell Products
2002 Jordan Ehrenkranz, Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning
2001 Garland Self, Jr., Selco Heating & Air Conditioning
2001 Bill Prosser, Sr., CANFAB
2000 Ken Hammill, Capital Sheet Metal
1999 Daren Weckerly, San Diego Sheet Metal Works
1998 Kurt Smith, Smith Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
1997 John Couts, Couts Heating & Cooling