This week SMACNA launched a brand-new IAQ resource hub that was created and developed in coordination with CAL SMACNA to support contractors work in IAQ and ventilation in schools and commercial buildings. This website was purposely designed as a consumer forward resource to inform and raise public awareness about indoor air pollution in modern buildings and how indoor air quality (IAQ) improvements can help improve occupant’s health:

“This comprehensive website delves deep into the impact of poor ventilation on our daily lives at home, school, and work and how the work of our members can improve these conditions. Explore a wealth of information, including funding opportunities for HVAC system improvements, cutting-edge studies, and the latest news related to indoor air quality.”

CAL SMACNA members are encouraged to use this marketing tool to amplify their School Ventilation and commercial IAQ work. Visitors can learn about importance of Ventilation Verification assessments as conducted by only trained and certified HVAC or Testing, Adjusting & Balancing technicians. The site also includes a guide to identifying federal and state funding opportunities to support HVAC system and IAQ improvements and a locator to find a trained local HVAC professional.