SACRAMENTO – Governor Brown signed CAL SMACNA supported legislation this week to level the real-world playing field for contractors and increase Title 24 compliance for HVAC sales, permitting, inspections, and installations in California.

Please see the summary below or click hereto read the bill in it’s entirety.


SB 1414authored by Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis)directs the California Energy Commission (CEC) to approve a plan by January 1, 2019 that will promote compliance with Part 6 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations in the installation of central air-conditioning and heat pumps. The CEC’s plan shall be developed in consultation with the Contractors’ State License Board, local building officials, the HVAC industry and other stakeholders.

The CEC is further authorized by this measure to adopt regulations to increase compliance with permitting and inspection requirements for central air-conditioning and heat pumps, and associated sales and installations, consistent with the aforementioned plan.


This bill also requires that any recipient (customer or contractor) of a rebate or incentive offered by a public utility for an energy efficiency improvement or installation of energy efficient components, equipment, or appliances in a building to certify that:

  1. The improvement or installation has complied with any applicable permitting requirements, including any applicable specifications or requirements set forth in the California Building Standards Code (Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations), and
  2. If a contractor performed the installation or improvement, that the contractor holds the appropriate license for the work performed.

Finally, if a customer or contractor is the recipient of a rebate or incentive offered by a public utility for the purchase or installation of central air-conditioning or a heat pump, and their related fans, the public utility shall provide the rebate or incentive only if the customer or contractor provides proof of permit closure.

The latter piece of the bill was an extremely important component to CAL SMACNA as many non-compliant contractors and their customers may pull permits but then never have the job inspected for permit closure.  This new requirement should force homeowners and others to be subject to true inspections by their local building officials.


The passage of this bill will help level the playing field by making it increasingly difficult for customers and non-compliant contractors to skirt the full requirements of Title 24 energy efficiency regulations and building codes.

CAL SMACNA would like to extend it’s sincere appreciation to Senator Lois Wolk and Assemblymember Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara)for their collective work over the last five years to help level the playing field for contractors who play by the rules.  We look forward to working with the CEC, our labor partners and other stakeholders to enact this measure by the end of 2018.