SACRAMENTO — The Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician Requirement (MATT) was APPROVED by the California Energy Commission during their business meeting on April 14th. This means that the MATT threshold has been achieved and that the MATT requirement will be mandatory in California. Now that certified MATT is required, a contractor will need to have BOTH a certified Mechanical Acceptance Testing Technician (MATT) and a Mechanical Acceptance Test Employer (MATE) on staff to perform this work. Along with this action, the CEC recommended a delayed enforcement by local jurisdictions until October 1, 2021. 

Obtaining Your Certification:

To obtain your MATE certification, through the National Energy Management Institute Committee (NEMIC), you will need to complete the application HERE. Once logged in with your Sheet Metal Industry International Certification Board (ICB) username and password, click on Certification, select Mechanical Acceptance Test Employer, and click on Get Certified Now. When your application is approved, typically a week after completing and submitting your application, you will receive access and directions for completing the required online training and examination. 

You can always verify the status of your certification HERE. Simply click on My Certifications and My Applications

Additional questions regarding certification or recertification should be directed to the ICB office at 703-299-5646