SACRAMENTO – CAL SMACNA is pleased to announce the winners of several annual awards that were recognized at CAL SMACNA’s 56th Annual Convention in Kauai. Our sincere appreciation to the CAL SMACNA Board of Directors and the Convention Committee for their work in planning this convention.

Tom Guilfoy Memorial Craftsmanship of the Year Award

Created in 2004, this annual award is in memory of Tom Guilfoy, the former owner of the historically renowned Guilfoy Cornice Works in San Francisco. This award is for any project where attention to detail and expertise was critical to the project and exemplifies teamwork between sheet metal workers, the contractor, the subcontractor, and the owner.

This award is presented annually for any type of work in the HVAC, Specialty, Industrial, Kitchen or Architectural fields. Projects entered will be judged on the skill and expertise exhibited to complete the project, regardless of how big or small. There are two main categories – mechanical and architectural, along with a creative concepts category to recognize exceptional projects falling outside of the mechanical and architectural categories.

2022 Guilfoy Award Winners 


The 2022 Tom Guilfoy Craftsmanship Award in the Architectural category was awarded to VNSM of Paramount for the Avengers Campus project at Disney California Adventure located in Anaheim, California. 

This winning project used various methods for fabrication and involved numerous prototypes, material finishes, showcased beautiful joints and alignment and used advanced manufacturing and design techniques. This project has building styles combining the ancient, traditional, and futuristic and was very complex and challenging.

Just a sample of the many details of the project include:

  • Plate aluminum panel cladding – large format plate panel system with ¼” vertical butt-plate joints and 2” wide recessed horizontal joints.  With curving geometry at multiple corners the coordination and precision is critical.  The coordination for the back-lit spider logo was extensive in order to fit the panels within the framed opening and maintaining the true hexagonal geometry of the perforated infill and spider logo.
  • Catch Tower Louver – this company designed the louver to look like a louvered screen-wall.  Due to maintenance requirements and the desired lighting effects there were significant challenges in supporting and attaching the louver to the structure.  A vertical blade attachment system prevents system components from blocking the lighting effects.
  • Entry Module – This company had full fabrication and installation responsibility. After a skeleton support structure was provided this company provided the black steel tube structure. The corner of the structure includes a 7”x4” rectangular profile that is curved to match the cladding curve.  The surface of the rectangular tube is rotated and cut at an odd angle, resulting in an elliptical curve.  This complex curvature also applies to the edge of the aluminum cladding panel. This company also provided the round tube elements and the hex over pill-perf screening material.

Number of Man Hours Spent: 39,000


The 2022 Tom Guilfoy Craftsmanship award in the Mechanical category was awarded to Southland Industries of Union City for the Bay View Campus project.

This winner was chosen due to the project’s complexity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. This project also had a great safety record with no injuries over a four-year period.

The entire 1.2 million square feet of occupiable space of this project is served by only 4 large built in place AHU’s totaling 650,000 cfm, 100% outside air. It has 783 Terminal units (VAVs), 55 Fan Coil units, 35 Exhaust Fans, 2,700 linear feet of trench convectors, 500,000 square feet of UFAD, over 1.5 million pounds of sheet metal installed that took three years to manufacture in their shop. There is also an “air highway” duct that is 168” X 54”. Most of the ductwork is exposed and this involved time weekly with the architect for layout and routing plans.

This project has no natural gas onsite. With 2,224 geothermal piles integrated into the structural piles of the building, totaling 100 miles of piping underground, this project is the largest of its kind in North America and will serve the heating & cooling demands of the campus without an onsite CO2 production.

Number of Man Hours Spent: 167,850

Creative Concept

The 2022 Tom Guilfoy Craftsmanship Award in the Creative Concept category was awarded to CMF, Inc. of Orange for the Ruby’s Dining Car project located in Brea, California. 

This company developed all the design and fabrication details to bring the architect’s vision to life. Conceptual drawings, along with the picture of the inspiration for this building, were used to develop the hand-drawn details for the finished project.

Working closely with the architect this company designed inside and outside polished stainless steel window surrounds, custom radius roofing, tapered and specially fabricated corner pieces, and continuous welded and polished arrow accents on the interior and exterior powder coated aluminum.

In addition to the complex fabrication requirements, installation of each part needed to be coordinated with the remodeling efforts of the existing building. Tolerances were extremely tight, creating the need to build and install custom framing for many of the interior and exterior parts.

Number of Man Hours Spent: 2,539

Edward Banks Memorial Award for
Contractor of the Year 

Created in 1996, in memory of Ed Banks, owner of Meadows Mechanical in Gardena, Ed Banks exemplified the best characteristics of association membership. He was the consummate SMACNA member at every level, local, state and national. When the situation called for leadership, he was a leader. When the situation called for collective action, he was a team player.

Ed truly believed in the value of association membership and the benefits to be derived from it. He never said no when his participation was needed. His example stands as a model for present and future members and it is with this in mind that the Ed Banks Memorial Award was established by CAL SMACNA.

CAL SMACNA had the honor of presenting two awards this year, one that was scheduled to be presented in 2020 and the 2022 recipient. 

2020 Ed Banks Memorial Award for 
Contractor of the Year

Kevin Michel, Xcel Mechanical Systems

2022 Ed Banks Memorial Award for 
Contractor of the Year

Duane Davies, National Air Balance Company

2022 Safety Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following companies that qualified for CAL SMACNA’s Safety Awards with their excellent safety records!

Under 25,000 Manhours Worked

Balance America, Inc.
Hawaiian Air Corp.
Mauck Sheet Metal

Best safety record in this category:
Hawaiian Air Corp.

25,001 – 50,000 Manhours Worked

Air-Ex Air Conditioning
Air Flow Mechanical, Inc.

Best safety record in this category:
Air Flow Mechanical, Inc.

50,001 – 100,000 Manhours Worked

DDK Mechanical, Inc.
G.E.S Sheet Metal, Inc.

Best safety record in this category:
G.E.S. Sheet Metal, Inc.

100,001 and Over Manhours Worked

A.O. Reed & Co.
ACCO Engineered Systems
AGC, Inc.
Anderson Systems
Bell Products, Inc.
Broadway Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
California Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Champion Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Control Air Enterprises LLC
Couts Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Marelich Mechanical
Matrix HG, Inc.
Monterey Mechanical Company
New England Sheet Metal and Mechanical Co.
Ram Mechanical, Inc.
Silicon Valley Mechanical, Inc.
Strategic Mechanical, Inc.
Tru-Duct Inc.
University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc.
Western Allied Corporation
Western Allied Mechanical, Inc.

Best safety record in this category:
Strategic Mechanical, Inc.

Overall Most Improved Safety Record:
AireMasters Air Conditioning

Distinguished Legislative Service Award 

California SMACNA’s Distinguished Legislative Services Award was created to recognize members who have supported California SMACNA’s legislative and regulatory agenda through their efforts to write letters when requested; testify before the Legislature and regulatory hearings; attend functions to speak with legislators; and open their shops to legislators, regulatory officers and students to increase awareness of the workings of our industry. 

Duane Davies, National Air Balance Company