ICB Certification Website

Due to strong growth in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry, the need for certified personnel is in high demand. Contractors are taking advantage of industry growth by earning ICB/TABB certifications at a record pace.

Building codes officials, contractors, engineers, architects, and end users regularly have a need to verify the status of certified personnel working on projects in their control. To ensure that ICB/TABB-certified personnel are in the best position to obtain work opportunities, the ICB Certified website will list basic information about certifications that is able to be viewed by the public at large. Examples of certification information as it will appear on the website are seen in the photo on the right. 

There are 20 categories that you can list certification information for:

  • Acceptance Testing Employer
  • Acceptance Testing Technician
  • Building Envelope Installer Technician
  • Fire Life Safety Level 1 Supervisor
  • Fire Life Safety Level 1 Technician
  • Fire Life Safety Level 2 Supervisor
  • Fire Life Safety Level 2 Technician
  • Fume Hood Performance Testing Technician
  • HVAC Energy Auditing Technician
  • Indoor Air Quality Supervisor
  • Indoor Air Quality Technician
  • Infection Control Awareness
  • Infection Control Awareness Monitor
  • Infection Control Awareness Technician
  • TABB Commissioning Supervisor
  • TABB Sound and Vibration Supervisor
  • TABB Supervisor
  • TABB Technician
  • Total Building Energy Audit Technician
  • Total Building Energy Auditing Technician

Information is listed only after your consent, and you must opt in to participate. To opt in, log in to your ICB account, click on My Account, review and sign the Release. If you have any questions regarding this change, please call the ICB at 703-299-5646 or contact our office at 916-363-7460.