PAC Contribution Policy
The Legislative/PAC Committee will set the budget for PAC expenditures, approve contributions to candidates and establish fund raising events at the last meeting of each year. The Committee will address how much of the PAC fund will be spent, taking into consideration the fund raising efforts that will be developed for the succeeding year and expected income. With the cooperation of the Board and staff, the Committee solicits PAC contributions for the yearly fund raising efforts. Additional fund raising events may be planned at the committee’s discretion and California SMACNA Board approval.

The majority of the contributions will be made in election years, preferably no more than one year before the election.

The Committee will address, with the input of the Advocate, how the funds will be spent – taking into consideration the following guidelines:

a. The majority of contributions will be designated to the general election races, with only a limited amount being contributed to the primaries.
b. The committee will attempt to give to both democrats and republicans.
c. The committee will attempt to distribute the contributions throughout the state.
d. Senate and Assembly offices will take precedence.
e. Candidates for local offices will not be considered as a general policy.
f. Bond issues will not be considered as a general policy.
g. Initiatives will not be considered as a general policy.
h. Because of the limited PAC, more weight will be given to candidates/legislators who are friends of the industry and/or support our industry’s issues, as opposed to powerful committee members.

Additional contribution requests will be encouraged from members and chapters. The request is to be made through the Executive Vice President of CAL SMACNA in writing. All contribution requests should be made with the association’s best interest in consideration. The request will be forwarded to the advocate, who will provide further information on the candidate. This will then be sent via email to the full committee for a vote. In case of a tie, the President, acting on behalf of the Board, shall vote to break the tie. All contribution requests from members and chapters are encouraged to be made to CAL SMAC PAC 60 days prior to the general election. The request should state who is requesting the contribution and the reason.

Approved contributions are to be sent to Chapters, encouraging them to schedule shop, JATC or chapter visits to enable the legislator a better understanding of our industry. Staff is to send a reminder to Chapters of the approved contributions weekly for 45 days. In an effort to assure that all approved contributions are distributed, the advocate will disburse all funds in Sacramento that remain uncommitted for a local visit or event after 45 days of approval. A letter from California SMACNA is to be presented with all contributions.

The committee will schedule a meeting at least 10 days prior to a general election to review any last minute requests due to the FPPC 24 hour reporting requirements.

Contribution requests to the committee or advocate and approved by the committee will be within the legal contribution guidelines.

When approving contributions, a record of the justification for contributions will be retained on file for future reference. Staff will maintain a spreadsheet of all contributions given, along with the method of distribution